BMW E39 / E38 Android Multimedija Xtrons PQ1939BIPL

429,00 €
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  • Multimedija skirta BMW E39 M5 (1999-2003), BMW E39 (1995-2003), BMW 7 Series E38 (1994-2001) (prieš perkant patikrinkite išmatavimus)
  • 4-Cores procesorius, 4GB RAM, 64GB vidinė atmintis.
  • Android 9.0 Pie
  • 10.25 colių ekranas
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Custom Fit for BMW

Note: This unit doesn't have a DVD drive.

•Get The Perfect System Integeration In Your BMW !
Our goal is to create a high-end system that exceeds all expectations a BMW owner may have with XTRONS system.NOW,we have this exclisively designed new unit.
It matches the dashboard's angle for a perfectly integrated appearance and smoothly integrates into your BMW dashboard.Now just clear up your dashboard with the all-new designed front panel.

•Applicable Models & Years
For BMW E39 M5 (1999-2003), BMW E39 (1995-2003), BMW 7 Series E38 (1994-2001)
1. Please ensure your car's central console is circular angle before purchasing, or it can NOT fit with your car perfectly.
Some sellers will sell X5 (E53) radio as E39 radio, it is not fit as it slightly stick out after installation, while XTRONS PA7839BIP is specially made for E39
2. Please check whether there is a frame in the center console of your car, if there is, please remove the frame first to finish the installation.
3. Please note that if your radio harness is 17 pins and the 4 pins indicated are empty, this unit can NOT fit with your car.
4. If your car is BMW E38, please check whether there is HVAC Box behind the factory radio. If there is, this unit can NOT fit with your car.
5. Please check whether your car's radio antenna port is in the car's trunk, if it is, you need to order a radio antenna extension cable and an adapter to finish the installation. (XTRONS ANT001 and ICE/ACS/ISOFZ are compatible).
6. Please check whether your car's radio antenna port is inside the console, if it is, you need to order a radio antenna adapter to finish the installation. (XTRONS ICE/ACS/ISOFZ is compatible).
7. If your car has fibre amplifier system like ''Harman Kardon'',you need order a decoder to aid for the installation.(XTRONS FOBB05 is compatible).
8. If there is DSP (Digital Sound Processing) button in your factory radio, or your car has digital sound system such as "Harman Kardon" , you need to order a extension cable to aid for the installation. (XTRONS EXL007 is compatible).
9. If your car's original radio is 4.3'' or 7'' screen with 12 pins plug,or you have the navigation drive located in hte rear of your car,you need to order an extra 6m extension cable to aid for the installtion.(Both XTRONS EXL005 & EXL007 are compatible).

10.25'' High Definition Screen,Super Clear
The high-resolution display in a 1280x480 resolution with 10.25-inch screen diagonal adds a particularly high-quality touch to the interior of your vehicle. Now you can enjoy brilliant image quality with sharp display of all infotainment content

Performance without Compromise - A Breakthrough Android Experience
Super Core 64bit Processor The Most Powerful Processor Ever
Experience incredible performance and improved power efficiency with the powerful 6 core 64bit processor. It uses Arm big LITTLE hetergeneous processing architecture technology. With the “LITTLE” and “BIG” processor, the in-car solution is able to adjust to the dynamic usage pattern for this infotainment system.

HEXA Core Rockchip PX6
64 bit CPU | up to 1.8GHz
BIG CPU: Dual-core Cortex-A72 – Optimized for high-performance
LITTLE CPU: Quad-core Cortex-A53 – Optimized for low power

•Memory Doubled to 64GB Maximum Capacity, No More “deficit” in Storage
XTRONS PQ1939BIPL comes with 64GB ROM and 4GB DDR3 RAM. The significant storage memory increase makes data processing more efficient while the acceleration mode optimizes fast and smooth gaming.

Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX technology
The aptX technology delivers wired quality sound when you stream wirelessly. It makes audio transmitted over Bluetooth without damaging the quality to ensure you always get the very most from your device. Now you don't have to insert a CD or plug in an external storage, just play the music stored in your aptX enabled phone via Bluetooth 5.0 and enjoy the superior audio experience.
Note: Your phone or devices have to have Bluetooth with aptX technology too in order to give you the higher-quality sound. To find out whether your device is aptX enabled, please check:

The latest Android 9.0 System with XTRONS UI
The newest Android 9.0 Pie operating system contributes to exceptional user experiences. Android 9.0 harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to give you more from the unit. Now it’s smarter, faster and adapts as you use it.

Industrial Standard Hardware
Equipped with the standard hardware in the automotive industry, the head unit offers excellent stability and reliable performance.
Bluetooth Module: Qualcomm QCC3008 – Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX technology
Wi-Fi Module: Independent – Strong anti-interference ability
Radio Chip: NXP6686 – Better radio signal receiving
Amplifier Chip: TDA7851 – High-fidelity and powerful audio effects
Display Chip: ARM Mali-T860 MP4 – Super sharp image display

HDMI Output
The HDMI output port provides a connection method between the head unit and an HDMI enabled monitor or other device. With an optional HDMI cable, you can share the high definition video and high quality audio with all passengers in your vehicle.
Note: Audio streaming via HDMI output does not support the sources including AUX input, radio, and Bluetooth calls.
If you need HDMI extension cable, XTRONS HDMI01, HDMI02, HDMI03 is compatible.

Car Auto Play- A Smart Way to Use an iPhone in the Car
Simply connect the optional XTRONS CP01 to your head unit and be amazed on how incredibly intuitive it becomes to connect your iPhone onto its screen. Via the inbuilt zLink technology and its voice control function, everything is designed to bring the best out of your iPhone and establish a close connection ith the head unit.
the CP01 does not support Android phones.
The CP01 supports iPhone 6 and later models with iOS 10 and later versions.
The CP01 only works with XTRONS PA, PB, PE and PQ series units running Android 8.0/8.1 and above.
Note: The CP01 is not included. Need it, inquire with us now!

• Max out Entertainment in Your Journey
4K Video Player
Equipped with the latest video decoder chipset, the PQ1939BIPL supports playing 4K video and is compatible with most video formats, allowing you and your passengers to view your favorite movies on the road.
Screen Mirroring
Instead of fighting the temptation to use your phone whilst driving, let Screen Mirroring save the day. Simply connect your Android smartphone or iPhone to the head unit, and you'll be able to safely and easily access your phone's navigation, music, and other apps from it. This gives you access to a whole host of apps you use every day, in a format designed for use whilst driving.
Note: Not all smartphones are compatible with the screen mirroring function.
DAB+ Tuner Ready
With the optional DAB+ radio receiver stick, which connects via the USB port, you can enjoy better sound quality and stronger digital audio broadcasting channel.
Note: The DAB+ radio receiver stick is not included (XTRONS USBDAB01, USBDAB02 and USBDAB03 are compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!
Supports Bluetooth 5.0
Hands-free Calls | Audio Streaming | Voice Control
You can control many of the phone functions with your voice. Connect your phone to the unit via Bluetooth and tap the microphone icon on the unit screen to issue a voice command.
You can do things such as get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music. Best of all it is in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road.
Online Maps, Free to Navigate
Support Sygic, iGO, Waze and any other navigation software that is compatible with Android OS. Never worry about getting lost now.
Steering Wheel Control
With SWC, you can switch songs, change channels and adjust volume at your fingertip, keep your eyes on the road.
Built-in Radio Tuner
18 FM and 12 AM stations
Built-in USB Port
64GB (the max files in the USB should be within 8GB)
Battery Voltage
Support display your car’s battery info.< /p>

 Keeping You Informed for a Safer Journey
Stay Connected to the Internet
You can surf the internet on your head unit simply by using your mobile device as a hotspot or alternatively, access the internet by inserting a SIM card into the XTRONS 4GDONG001 or 3GDONG008 and use it as a hotspot to connect the head unit, tablets and laptops in your vehicle.
Note: This unit is also compatible with 3G Internet. The 4G & 3G dongle are not included (XTRONS 4GDONG001 and 3GDONG008 are compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!
OBD2 - A Window for You to Diagnose Your Car Status
With the OBD2 function on this unit, you are able to retrieve real-time data and trouble codes from your vehicle’s computer. The data obtained from your vehicle is presented in an easy-to-read format.
Note: The OBD2 scanner box isn't included (XTRONS OBD01, OBD02 and OBD03 are compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!
Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) is Available
After having correctly installed the TPMS to your car’s wheels, the sensors will automatically monitor tire pressure and temperature which is transmitted as real-time data to the driver.
Note: Tire pressure monitoring receiver system is not included (XTRONS TPMS01 and TPMS05 are compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!
Video Input Ports for DVR & Camera
A DVR captures events that occur whilst driving, providing safety features such as collision footage. A front or reversing camera provides a way of safer and more accurate image, ultimately adding to your and others' safety on the road.
Note: The DVR, front view camera and reversing camera are not included (XTRONS DVR019S, DVR023S, DVR025S, DVR027S, CAM001F and reversing cameras are compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!

Add More Exciting Features to Your Head Unit
1. DAB+
Enjoy the audiophile-level sound in your car - USBDAB01
Monitors your tire pressure and temperature - TPMS01/TPMS05
A window for you to diagnose your car status - OBD2
Helps you record your journey on the road - DVR019S/DVR022/DVR023S/DVR025S/DVR027S
Makes the input of information on this car stereo easily - AMK003
Browse on the Internet with 3G/4G Dongle - 4GDONG001/3GDONG008
Ensure the safety of your driving - CAM005/CAM006/CAM007/CAM009/CAM001F
Makes the hands free Bluetooth easier and safer – MIC001/MIC002/MIC003
9.Car Auto Play
The Best Car Connecting Experience for smartphone – CP02

Head Unit: 178*150*50mm
Face Panel: 284*118mm

2 x ISO Wiring Harness
1 x USB Cable
1 x GPS Antenna
1 x CANbus Box
1 x RCA Cables
1 x Microphone and camera Cable
1 x Radio Adapter Cable
1 x Fitting Kits
1 x User Manual



HEXA Core Rockchip PX6
RAM atmintis
4 GB
Vidinė atmintis
64 GB
Operacinė sistema
Android 9.0 Pie
Palaikomi Audio Formatai
MP3, WMA, WAV, AC3, OGG, FLAC, Web ir kiti.
Palaikomi Video Formatai
AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, MPG, visi Android vaizdo formatai, Web video ir 1080P video.
Ekrano raiška
Ekrano istrižainė
10.25 colių
Lietimu valdomas ekranas

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